On June 27, 1849, Grand Master Richard Clement directed the Charter and Jewels of Jefferson Lodge No. 15, formerly working at New Castle, to be transferred to a Lodge at Lewes and revived under the same name and number, with George Tunnell as Worshipful Master, John Walker as Senior Warden and Edward West as Junior Warden.

Over the years Jefferson Lodge has been active in the community of Lewes and has grown and prospered. Some of the events of the last fifty years are recounted here so that future generations might know of those that came before.



A cornerstone was laid by Grand Master Raymond Savage and his staff on June 19, 1976 at 12:00 noon at the new Cape Henlopen High School. He was assisted by Worshipful Master Howard E. Millman, Jr. and the officers of Jefferson Lodge No. 15. This was a great day for Masonry throughout Delaware as more than 200 Masons were present.

In 1976, the Lodge celebrated the Bicentennial year of our nation. Each meeting had a short program about the founding of our nation and how Masonry benefited, especially here in Lewes. Since the Lodge was chartered in 1849, there have been three brothers elected Grand Masters of Masons in Delaware. The most recent one was Karl Volk in 1981.

Those Master Masons from Jefferson Lodge No. 15 who have received their 33rd Degree in Scottish Rite are: H. Edward Maull in 1975, Curt Rayner in 1981, Harry Moore in 1993, and Ronald Ferraro in 2017.

In 1999 for the first time in the history of the Lodge Worshipful Master Leon D. Ware Sr. was elected to serve two years in succession.

During the past few years the Masonic Temple has been remodeled and refurbished, which includes new signs in the front and back, installation of a new air conditioner, painting the Ante-room, remodeling the kitchen, repairs to the parking lot and new carpeting.

For the last few years, the Brethren of Jefferson Lodge No. 15 have helped the Salvation Army with their Kettle Drive during the Christmas season here in Lewes.

So as we approach the two hundredth anniversary let us remember that as Masons we should never enter into any great or important undertaking without first invoking the blessing of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, and then rededicate our Lodge and ourselves to the great and true Masonic Virtue, The “Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God”.